live fast. die old.

smoke, drink, love, party, sleep, repeat.

courtney, 20.
arts&fest management at DMU

frank turner is life.

supernatural made me a fangirl

i watched 5 seasons of breaking bad in 6 days, it was intense.

tattoos, hair dye, musicians, zombies, horror, films, marvel, iron man, walking dead, dexter, AHS, supernatural, lena dunham,lost, vodka + ribena + lemonade = best.

"i know im awake, but it feels like i'm in a dream."

im a loveable cunt!




Hipster Dinosaurs

"I hope these shrubs are vegan". I’m dying.. haha


Fucking brilliant

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Pull my hair and tell me that you love me.

jesus christ in a crystal meth lab, so many fucking creepy lads on okcupid. fuckity nope

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